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 Mobile Suit Gundam: Silent Skies, A Gundam RPG / Proboards
 Posted: Sep 23 2017, 12:15 PM

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The Martian Visitor Project brought many humans from Earth as settlers of the Crimson Red World. Despite the impossible efforts to terraform the surface, the lunar cities made live in the Martian Sphere possible and with it, a new challenge. The movement for independence was sought be activists who were opposed to the Earth Unions rise in both physical and political power. With peaceful talks to try and achieve that goal failing to make any ends meet, the people of Mars became dissatisfied with the situation and riots broke out. The Martian Civil Uprising caused a huge level of fear within the Earth Union which resulted in military occupations of the Martian Settlements, then it happened. On EC 026, April 1st a nuclear warhead was accidently set off on the colony Nomad. The destruction of the colony saw the Civil Uprising come to an end with a conditional independence given to Mars as a negotiations were finalized, but that was only a temporary peace. The Angel Security Administration began a secret militant training program on the colony of Archtech and in EC 040, the Martian Alliance began the Interplanetary War. Upset and displeased with the Independence the won so far, the war would be started in the name of those who fell during the Tragedy of Nomad and the world would be forever reshaped.
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