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 Of course it's behind the waterfall, [OPEN]
 Posted: Aug 20 2017, 07:03 AM

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It was another day for Reyzadren to do one of the tasks set by his employer ever since he had arrived on Alola. In fact, he would've gotten here sooner had it not been for the previous boat ride that mistakenly brought him to Akala island. It would seem like such mix-up would only cost little time to trainers as they enjoy sight-seeing on the extra compensated free travel across the ocean, but Akala and Poni were not 2 islands that seemed even close to him. Upon reaching Seafolk village, he was in no mood for strolling, and he begrudgingly marched through the wilds furiously.

That was a few days ago. At the Poni meadow, Reyzadren went on his way towards the waterfall. He waded out of the tall grass, then started to climb a mountain on its rocky path.

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