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Welcome to the Cafe du Watchog, also called RPGen. We're a sandbox style Pokemon site with a focus on everyday life in the Pokemon world. Trainers, Pokemon, criminals, cosmic forces, and normal citizens are all welcome to join in the fun. Kick back and enjoy a cup of coffee with us!

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Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Gordy Cafe Patrons 30-December 15 2205
Fresh Niederactus Wait Staff 29-December 15 1897
Shilk Cafe Patrons 13-June 16 1682
Turner Cafe Patrons 29-December 15 1374
Greene Cafe Patrons 29-December 15 900 View
Kaleb Cafe Patrons 29-December 15 529
Steven Limeade Lord 29-December 15 471
Jamen Cafe Patrons 14-August 16 455
Silver de Luca Humans 1-January 16 445
Curtis Cafe Patrons 24-February 16 439
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