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Nov 29 2016, 10:05 PM
It's so hard being a star.

Despite the constant cries of protesters nearby, the live action, Westernized Neon Genesis Evangelion movie was in full production. and as the one playing the lead character, Shellder Ikari, Christoph had a lot of work to do. To days ago was all about having him fitted for costumes. Yesterday had him pilot a mecha against a green-screen for several hours. And today, they had been rehearsing the scene where Alexis Langley slapped him across the face.

Now, Christoph was amongst the cast and crew as they set up cameras and props against the backdrop of Prism Tower. With Leo on his shoulder, the young man strolled around the area, looking for somewhere to relax and play with his Pokemon. The trailer didn't have enough room, and all the nearby parks were blocked with fans and protesters alike.

Surely there was somewhere he could go, right?
Sep 18 2016, 07:29 PM
Geosenge Town, Kalos

Seemed odd that a romantic epic would be filming near Geosenge. The large, gray rocks and ancient atmosphere didn't exactly scream "star-crossed lovers!" to Curtis, but at least it meant that Curtis was able to catch and train some Pokemon in the area when he had the time off.

So there was Curtis and his Minccino, Leo. They were sitting on a stone bench together, enjoying a nice moment of relaxation and peace before getting back to training. Curtis had just healed up and groomed his Pokemon, and Leo had mastered a new performance technique. No rush, no rush.

Sure would be a shame if someone were to, say, interrupt them for a battle.
Sep 4 2016, 01:17 AM
A beach near Lucanosa Town.

Curtis knew about loss. He lost his dad a sea. He lost part of his ear to a bullet. His Gible lost its mother. Archeops was a fossil, and had lost its old life to the sands of time.

Curtis took a seat on top of a large, flat white rock. His Minccino, Leo, rested on the side of it. It was a nice night to just think about these things. He was silently praying for all that was lost. That he'd meet his dad his dad again, in Heaven.

That he'd find Tooth's mother. The Gible was growing up so fast, and he was glad to be a part of it. But he didn't want to his mother to miss this. He wanted them reunited and happy.

He prayed for Idea, knowing that he could only hope for the best for him, since he couldn't give the Pokemon the life he had lost. It must have been hard for him, to wake up to a new world and not know anything. Curtis almost wondered if reviving his fossil was even the right thing to do.

"What are you thinking about, Curtis?" Leo asked.
"I don't know. Stuff," Curtis mused.
"Ah. Same. Mostly about the League."
Sep 1 2016, 10:01 PM
Flocessy Town was one of the townships selected to hold a Contest; something Christoph Chevalier personally volleyed for. And although their Contest Hall was nothing grand (a simple, indoor stadium on the outskirts of town), it would be something exciting for the town.

Today was the start of one of the first Contests, and Curtis was among the competitors. There were 15 contestants that day; a paltry amount compared to what Sinnoh and Hoenn Contests dealt with regularly. But for Unova's first Contest, it was great.

The Contest was divided into 6 rounds: Dress-Up, Dance, and 4 rounds of Appeals. The Current round was Dress-Up, and one-by-one, Contestants were called out of the waiting room to be brought to the stage.

One green-haired young man was among those waiting, sitting on a bench with two of his Pokemon. As per special request from the town's residents, he went as Curtis, and not as Christoph. (Strange that they chose him over Christoph, he thought.) This made him a little out of place among the fancier-dressed Contestants, but at least his Pokemon will be well-dressed.

So what Pokemon did Curtis have out at the moment? On his shoulder was Leo, his trusty Minccino. And on Curtis's lap was a small, smiling Tepig that seemed just about ready to jump off and play. It was wearing a little black top hat, a red bowtie, and a black vest under a white shirt.. The vest extended down his back, then tapered off into two tails kind of like a Victorian petticoat. His hooves and part of his leg had little tap shoes, and his left eye held a monocle. All-in-all, it was really cute!
Jul 23 2016, 08:42 PM
hristoph stood on the circular stage greeting his studio audience with a confident smile and a bow. The three spotlights centered around him.

"Hello, everybody!" he announced. "Interview Unova's back, and I haven't been replaced yet! Are you ready for another special episode?"

Cue audience applause and screaming.

"Let's enjoy! Showtime!"

And with that, Christoph snapped his fingers. His Luxray, Shadow, dashed from behind the curtains and stood beside his trainer. Christoph jumped onto his back and rode the Pokemon to his seat.

After Christoph got off, Shadow turned to face the audience. Fangs bare, he started to growl and sparkle. Once he started to glow with the electricity of Wild Charge, he made a running start across the stage. Once he got close to the audience, he lunged out at them.

And then he vanished in a bright light. Magic!

Cue the audience applauded so hard that several of them broke their wrists. Blood was everywhere.

"Tonight, we have an exclusive interview," he continued. Although his voice didn't really have that trademark smile. "Many of you probably know the Rare Soda meme."

A picture appeared on the television screen behind him. It was of Cyrus, suffering the more violent effects of the soda. Written in impact font above (and below) the image was "LOGIC TRUMP FEELINGS" and "EXCEPT RIGHT NOW."

And once again, the audience was going bananas, this time with laughter. Christoph seemed a lot less amused than them. But he wanted to get as many episodes done as fast as possible before the season ended, so he could head to Kalos.

"Everybody welcome Cyrus to the show!"
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