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Jan 24 2018, 09:40 PM
Shilk, having long since forgotten about that promise breaking Rally, is travelling around with his two faithful companions as per usual when SUDDENLY he notices something interesting. Or, more accurately, actually pays attention to his surroundings for once.

Nightshade had pointed out to him several times that Unova seems to be riddled with these random holes that come and go, leading to these underground caverns. However, he'd only just now found one himself.

"Hey, look at this!" He excitedly pointed towards the opening in the forest, seeing a pathway he hadn't noticed before.

"Bout time." Nightshade sarcastically murmured as Koal looked interestingly in the direction of the discovery. He didn't really know what it was, but he seemed excited enough since Shilk was also excited!
Jan 20 2018, 01:12 AM
For whatever reason, Jacollo found himself on some broken down ship. He wasn't quite sure how he got there, but then again it seemed he had a perchance of just ending up places.

Oh the days of old where he could go somewhere by wanting to be there. And that he could be at a place cause it's where he wanted to be. Sadly, no. Such days are long gone.

Maybe another one of those weird vortexes would open again and he'd find himself in a place where there's actually stuff going on. Who knows, he could well be stuck here forever. Not like the dead need sustenance.
Jan 15 2018, 08:59 AM
Chapter 1 (and technically also Chapter 2)

So me and a few friends are doing a smaller, survival based campaign and I've been using Daisy. Disclaimer, I've intentionally rolled back her known magic for the sake of the campaign and slightly changed her backstory to remove the pokemon elements. So, like, actual devil 'n' shit.

Now the campaign takes place on this island that people end up finding themselves in. Oksure/10. Daisy just kinda bumbles her way to the party, and mistakes someone that's an avatar of an eldritch god for "daddy", and starts referring to him as such. The two of them get along phenomenally since Daisy is... Daisy, and he figured she was probably right on being given powers by him. He doesn't keep good track of who he's given powers to, so why not?

For the record, the other party members are an anthro rabbit with multiple personality disorder and a dude with robot limbs on half his body because of a terrible fire when he was a kid. They aren't overly important at the moment though. Or, at least, not to Daisy's side of things. And I'm That Guy who tunes out stuff not related to my character on account of "She doesn't know, so I don't need to know."

So we start exploring the island, and we come across this tarman looking mofo that can summon skeleton tengus. Okwtf/10. Well, initially we start fighting them but it turns out Mr. Burns is able to just make flash bangs out of scrap metal. Which... okay, sure, why not.

Reminder: when in magical girl form Daisy has this big ass staff.

Well he throws the flash bang to the eldritch avatar, who tosses it to Daisy while imbuing it with magic to make it absorb more kinetic energy. Basically, when it go farther. Then, Daisy used her OWN magic and imbued it with her void magic so it's effectively a black light bomb.

Bye bye tarman, fuck your tengu skeletons.

However, this tuckered her out as magical girl stuff is exhausting when she's actually using magic and not just being a cute girl who does cute things.

Note that people take turns doing watch in this random ass tree house that apparently Mr. Burns made. Daisy has now gone two nights without taking watch, simply because nobody wants to ask the 12 yo to play patrol.

Day 2, and Daisy is going with her new Daddy to see if they can find his apparently magical armor. Keep in mind, dude's almost 10' tall and already has magic, so apparently all this armor does is make it so that he can conserve energy better and thus use more powerful magic or... something.

Well they get to this cave, and it's more like a crater going into a cave at the bottom. Yeahok/10. So like a bunch of normal, sane people our first instinct is to climb down the hole.

Mind you, dude's been going at fuckyou mph. Daisy is very dizzy, and not feeling so hot. The slower pace going down was a welcomed relief.

We get down there, and the damn boots keep moving around. Like, Daisy has this aura sense thing and the boots have their own aura because magic(???). Whatever, DM's being weird but its his alt dimension world so sure.

They get down there either way and this lesser demon starts taunting them. Daisy's all like "nuh-uh, you work for daddy so you ain't got shit!" Turns out who she thought was daddy wasn't actually daddy, as the devil himself came out and said "Hey buddy."

That lead to her realizing mr. eldritch dadbomination wasn't actually daddy, so now she's a bit pissy towards everyone. But its okay, cause she immediately got to take out that anger on a knuckleavee, or however it's spelled. Demonic, Irish centaur basically. Which the party beat pretty much by accident.

Mr. Burns was about throw another flash bang, but rabbit girl pulled him away from the monster which caused his toss to turn into a vertical lob. Dadbomination threw Daisy straith up for a midair transformation as he shoulder checked the thing.

The flash bang knocked her on the forehead. Ohshit/10.

She slams on the ground, the thing roars loudly, and accidentally swallows the damn flash bang. Because shadow beast, he just straight up explodes from it (???). Cue Sonic Unleashed E Rank Fanfare.

Somehow, this lead into Daisy playing smith's apprentice for Mr. Burns and getting chocolate. That works, I guess. So now we're prepping for a desert run and making metal stuff because engineer = blacksmith... apparently.

Our DM is weird.
Jan 13 2018, 11:10 PM
Oh that Mikey, so quick to see his darling. How silly, the hearts of men. Still, Lovrina wouldn't be so cruel as to deny such a request.

Alright Mikey, you've got my attention. Where do we want to meet?

Maybe something more playful would be to her advantage. Especially since he probably has some headway on where she can find that damn boat. He WAS searching after it, so whatever information he has she can easily build off of.
Jan 13 2018, 01:58 PM
Sometimes, Elesa just thinks to herself: 'How is it one can be both restlessly bored and terribly busy at the same time?' Well, her job certainly keeps her busy, that's for sure. However, sometimes someone just needs to vent.

But to who?

Her darling wouldn't do, that'd only make the poor girl worry. Most of the other gym leaders are probably busy, and Elesa worried venting such things to most of the elite four members would fall on deaf ears. Really, sometimes she felt like other than Caitlin she really didn't have any idea what they do. Like... she knew, but it didn't feel like she knew.

Then, of course, she realized the one person she could be fairly sure knew what it was like being in this kind of dreadful mood while probably having enough free time to lend an ear. Or, eyes she guessed. Ruins the point of texting if you actually call people. Calling was for managers and stuff. Texts are what friends do, yes?

Roxie, darling, you holding up well?

She decided that would be a good conversation starter. Skipping that awkward "hi, hello" phase and getting to the real core of the matter.
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