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Jul 13 2017, 11:59 PM
Kiawe, for once, is not on his volcano. Instead, he's a short walk outside of Wela Volcano Park. He decided to have a small cook out, knowing that beyond a grill he wasn't that good of a chef.

Funny, the only time a fire type specialist can cook is over an open fire.

The thought gave him a chuckle as his arcanine and personal marowak were out and playing in the grass.

He had put up some flyers around the island notifying that he'd be doing as much, and that it was open to whoever, but who knows who would show up. He wasn't that great with technology, after all. Worse case scenario, however, nobody would steal his ribs and his arcanine would get a steak bone to snack on.
Jul 11 2017, 11:04 PM
Well after whatever that was that happened during and after the party, because liquid time says writer's random vanishing doesn't hinder as much progress than it normally would, Pluto managed to get into a position where he can properly introduce himself.

Or, well, properly get acquainted with things.

"You sent the letter, yes?" He asked, sitting at some park bench watching the trees or something.

"Of course, Sir." His duskull responded, nodding as it kept at his side.

Said letter, of course, basically saying that Pluto wanted a meeting to talk about his role in Galactic and that he'd basically be at said park all day, so Cyrus could arrive whenever it's most convenient.

Now, they wait. Maybe it'd be a while, who knows? Zombies are weird.
Jun 5 2017, 05:01 PM
After arceus knows how long Shilk and Co. finally left their forest home, ready to go on whatever adventure awaits them!

"What kind of adventure does await us, Shilk?" Koal would ask, undoubtedly!

"Adventurous kinds!"

"Of course..." Nightshade grumbled, still wondering why she has yet to just bail on these two.

Clearly it's because she cares so much for her heroic leader!
Jun 5 2017, 04:56 PM
"Lady Sif, what are we doing back this way? Didn't you already get this badge?" Thor asked, more confused than annoyed; though admittedly annoyed none the less.

"Exploring! Maybe we missed something, or someone cool will show up!" Sif pointed out, seeming in quite the mood today as she walked around Cyllage City.

"Of course we are..." The flaafy sighed, shaking his head. "You could actually do the league, you know."

"Could, yeah." She pointed out, giving him a smile as she continued to walk along the town in her typical, carefree manner.
Jun 4 2017, 10:37 PM
Got a character you don't use much?
Still want to use them rather than just dropping the underappreciated little guy?

Drop them here! Preferably with a link to their profile sheet, of course.

If you have an idea what you want to use them for, go ahead and list it. If not, then that's fine too. No need for every character to be made with a grand plan in mind, after all.
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