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Welcome to the Cafe du Watchog, also called RPGen. We're a sandbox style Pokemon site with a focus on everyday life in the Pokemon world. Trainers, Pokemon, criminals, cosmic forces, and normal citizens are all welcome to join in the fun. Kick back and enjoy a cup of coffee with us!

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Jul 19 2017, 12:11 PM

Remember when I called this series a sinking ship that was struck by lighting and set on fire, and the ship's radio was damaged beyond repair, doom everyone on the ship to a painful death? This time, everyone on board has given up, and decide to hang out and talk about dating.

It's a boring story this time. But luckily, the art's picking up the slack.

Previous Issues: 1, 2, 3, 4
Jul 5 2017, 12:52 AM
Pokemon Festa was mysterious, in a way. How could they afford to bring people to Sinnoh the day before? How were they able to reserve almost the entirety of the Celestic Town? How were they able to pay for every every single participant to have their own color-coded jumpsuits that fit properly, while also giving them helmets and paintball guns?

The contestants were divided into two teams: Orange and Blue. The Blue team, consisting of Mabel the old lady, Vickie, Grigori and Rocelle were convening at the Pokemon Center. The Orange team, made up of Gale, Ux, Amaryllis and Thelaya, were meeting in the ruins.

The rules were simple: When the bell started, they could leave their bases and go on the hunt. Shoot anyone on the opposite team to win. If you get hit by a paintball, you lose. And when the next bell rang, the team with the most remaining players won.

Oh, and anyone who chose to show up late was given a color of their choice, so they could participate. That probably meant that a bunch of randos could side with one side to completely overwhelm the other, but on the plus side- hey look, the bell rang! The event was starting!

Teams, get ready to mobilize!
Jul 3 2017, 11:15 PM
Pokemon Festa was mysterious, in a way. How could they afford to bring people to Sinnoh the day before? How were they able to reserve almost the entirety of the Great Marsh? How were they able to pay for every participant, and give them enough Poke Balls?

The game was afoot. Everyone was free to run through the swamps, the lands, and the waters, and search for Pokemon as they saw fit.

Any Pokemon contestants were given orange sashes, which marked them as safe from capture. But honestly, what kind of weirdo Pokemon would go out and catch other Pokemon?
Jul 2 2017, 10:18 PM
Pokemon Festa was mysterious, in a way. How could they afford to bring people to Sinnoh the day before? How were they able to reserve almost the entirety of the Veilstone Vista hotel? How were they able to fit dozens of people and Pokemon into the hotel's banquet hall?

The banquet hall was pretty swaggy, though: the tables were pushed to the ends of the room, clearing enough space for people to dance and mingle. They had any food you could imagine, from foie gras to Kentucky Fried Torchic. They had Prinplup and Empoleon servers, handing out hors d'oeuvres. They had the latest track of music from [Insert famous singer you like here.]

Welcome to the party, guys. Sit down, mingle, and have fun. Supposedly, there's going to be a door prize.
Jun 26 2017, 12:42 AM
Everyone had wishes and wants. Some people wished for money, for friendship, for love or fame. Some wished to save someone from death, or to help the poor.

Enter Gale, whose wish was to be saved. Saved from the mediocrity of being a regular trainer. He wanted to be a star, a celebrity. The world's most famous and beloved celebrity, of all time. A wish that he held onto so tight, that he refused to accept any thoughts that would tell him that he would never achieve his wish. Because he couldn't survive if he knew the truth.

Put that wish inside person-shaped wrapping paper, and you get Gale and his current situation. And his current situation? Why, he was at Floccesy Ranch, slowly sneaking up on a wild Trubbish while it slept.

Hopefully, this little fucker would be the fourth Pokemon in his party. It wasn't very appealing for mass audiences, but he had ideas on how to make it work. He didn't care if it wasn't popular on its own; he already had plans on making it shine on stage.

It would sure suck if someone or something interrupted him, though.
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