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Feb 9 2018, 01:01 PM
It's not every day that one gets a chance to meet a legendary Pokemon. When you get that chance, you need to be prepared to deal with it, however you choose to handle it.

When Rain heard rumors about Genesect being seen around Unova, he absolutely prepared to deal with it. He let his Zorua learn Incinerate; he taught his Axew Reversal; he even caught a Litwick to help fight the robug. His Pokemon weren't trained too well. But they were smart, and they were trained enough to follow plans. Rain was sure that would be enough to take down Genesect in battle.

Following rumor and hearsay, he had come to Route 6 in search of Genesect. With his Zorua Tranquill surveying the area from above, and he himself strolling through the route, he was confident that he would be able to find any traces of Genesect. If the bug was here, he'd probably be able to find it.

Hopefully this wouldn't be another dead end.
Feb 8 2018, 06:59 PM
Castelia City. The rough-and-tumble, big-name metropolis of the Unova region. Where thousands of people and Pokemon come to realize their dreams, or fall into despair. A make-it-or-break-it kinda town, where a guy could cut off your ear if he didn't like your face.

That's where I came in.

I'm Sharp the Axew. Four years old in human years; a real young, all-Unovan boy practically fresh outta his Pampers. But as a trained, battle-ready Pokemon, I was already used to the life of a brawler. After all, I'd been a caught man for the last two weeks.

But what's a kept man doing, getting tangled in Castelia City's criminal underground? Truth be told, I was almost wondering that, myself. But I was hot on the trail of a rumor - just a small, stray rumor my little birds picked up. A bad dog had been causing a fuss all over town, then bolting whenever Pokemon Control tried to put the in the pound.

Naturally, a stand-up guy couldn't let that slide. I knew this sick puppy was too dangerous to go in alone, but I couldn't let more people get hurt. And hey, I just learned Reversal that morning. I could take care of myself, I was sure of it.

Walking down a shady place like Narrow Street, I would come face to face with the blue bomber himself. He was tall, much taller than me. He leaned against a brick wall, arms folded like a tough guy, while he waited across the door to Cafe Sonata. He didn't even care that he was standing right next to a dumpster. But then again, it's not like a criminal like him was clean, himself.

I approached the bipedal Herdier, my hands hidden in my trench coat pocket, and my flat cap falling over my eyes. I was heading in all cool and mysterious-like, trying not to startle the guy, spur him into action. Like a good, civilized animal, I was going to try diplomacy first.

I looked up to the punk and said to him, "So, I hear you've been causing trouble in this town. Is that true, buddy?"
Feb 5 2018, 11:00 AM
Humilau was a paradise in Unova, and its Gym was almost a paradise within a paradise. Peaceful. Calm. A bit of a chill in the air compared to the heat outside, but nothing uncomfortable. The waters around the docks were crystal clear, aside from the lily pads and flowers that floated on the surface.

Rain approached the very end of the Gym, where he'd be meeting Marlon. Rather than having a proper field of battle, this Gym consisted of clear plastic flooring on his side, and open water on Marlon's - Pokemon that needed land would be able to stand on the plastic and look below them, while Pokemon that needed the water had plenty of space to move around and do as they please.

The very back of the Gym opened up to the outside, allowing anyone to go in or out. Rain could have sworn he saw the top fin of a Sharpedo enter at some point.
Jan 31 2018, 09:42 PM
It's not every day that you're asked to star in a commercial.

Well, not "star," per se. The job was to simply stay in the background and have a pretend battle with another trainer. Basically, you were background filler for the real show: a Glameow that would speak to the audience about Dependables®, Pokemon diapers that are durable and dependable in battle. Because incontinence shouldn't stop you from living your life.

Disgusting, but it paid well. And Rain was lucky to get the job; he only just rolled into Humilau a few moments before, chasing a lead on one of the Musketeer Pokemon. But hey, a commercial was fine and dandy, and his Pokemon got to eat from the buffet table later.

Rain and his Axew were on the beach, several feet behind the Glameow. While a dozen cameras trained on the Glameow, who sat on a stool, Rain waited for his screen partner to arrive.

He wondered who they were. Axew wondered if the battle would be fun. Shadow, Rain's Zorua, was at the buffet table and wondering if croissants were healthy snacks. And Wyrdy the Roselia walked around the beach, wondering if it would like to evolve one day, or stay the way she was.
Jan 30 2018, 05:46 PM
Lentimas Town was a bit farther from home than Rain usually ventured. If he wanted to go to a dry and arid desert, he'd just head to the Desert Resort, just South of Nimbasa City. But Lentimas offered something unique: the Strange House.

It was a large, two-story building that was seemingly made of orange clay, much like the other buildings in town. It was weathered, with nearly all of the windows cracked or broken. The door's paint had mostly flicked off, and the handle had broken off, allowing anyone to just push the door open and go inside.

The Strange House, AKA the building he was now standing in front of, was a mansion on the outskirts of town, just outside Reversal Mountain. Supposedly, it was home to the legendary Pokemon, Darkrai.

Rain wasn't sure if he'd find the Pokemon there. But he wanted to try. Try to beat it, to catch it, something. If he could beat a legendary, that'd prove how great a trainer he was.

Shadow sat on his shoulder, looking at the door before them. The Zorua wanted a moment to gain composure and steel itself before they went in. He knew they weren't nearly ready for a legendary, but he wasn't afraid to try! (But he was afraid of ghosts.)
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