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Welcome to the Cafe du Watchog, also called RPGen. We're a sandbox style Pokemon site with a focus on everyday life in the Pokemon world. Trainers, Pokemon, criminals, cosmic forces, and normal citizens are all welcome to join in the fun. Kick back and enjoy a cup of coffee with us!

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Silver de Luca


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Jan 19 2018, 05:39 PM
Silver's got a year and a half left of college. A year and a half left of this bullshit. And then he'll be able to sit here in his coffee shop and watch all these twenty-somethings come up with totally real tumblr stories using the cafe's free wifi.

Because yes, he was able to get that. Not an air conditioning unit, because that would require rebuilding the entire damn thing and this is a historical building, dammit (also who knows what sort of eldritch beings he'd let out of the walls?). But free wifi? That was a good business move. It's already paying off. Already more people are in here typing about how they heroically saved the immigrant manager from a fictional Republican come to tell him to stop taking Unovan jobs.

And most would find this annoying, but hey. It's all money in Silver's pocket at the end of the day. His student loans will be paid off.... eventually. Yes. Eventually.

For now, he's going to keep proudly adjusting the "now serving soft-serve" sign. He feels like a *real* businessman now!
Jul 4 2017, 05:54 PM
Silver can't say he celebrates Unova Day that readily. Yeah, sure, he may be an immigrant and people are waiting for him to tell his story about how he came to this country and it changed his life, but really what's he gonna say? How much he loves not having healthcare and how going into debt for his education is great?

But hell if he doesn't love fireworks. And so the cafe is set up on the street so Silver can throw firecrackers from the stand. It's probably better to have service in the yard, too; the Cafe doesn't have air conditioning.
Dec 19 2016, 08:21 PM
The Subway is easy to take, and in less than an hour Snease has managed to drag Marron all the way across Unova. Unfortunately there might not be outlets everywhere, so Marron's christmas light ensemble might not come to fruition. But Snease doesn't really care. She's going at the usual fast pace that she always goes.

She stops when she realizes she doesn't know where this Arthur guy lives. Oh. Well, time to find out normally. "Oi. Marron. You ever waterboarded anyone?" Snease eyes her up without an inch of irony in her voice.
Dec 19 2016, 01:12 AM
One day the cafe staff walks up and comes downstairs and finds that Christmas has decided to vomit all over the cafe, and then drag its bleeding body across the walls leaving Christmas decorations everywhere. There's lights! Garland! Bells! And a tree! There's even mistletoe hanging in one corner! And there's even Christmas music playing!

And sitting in the middle of it all is Silver wearing a gaudy Christmas sweater, looking like he's fit to murder someone as usual as he sets out a blasphemous drink: a sign for a hot cocoa special!!!
Dec 10 2016, 08:22 PM
Hey you know what'd be cool? If Silver started a cafe thread. Just for old time's sake.

And so he does. He looks completely dead inside, but he's opening the cafe. The dark circles under his eyes are worse than usual and he's only dragged a comb through his hair, which somehow has gotten messy. He stands behind the counter with a look on his face that says you could put a gun to his head and he'd only smile and mention that he won't have to pay student loans when he's dead.

It feels good to be back, he supposes. Well, it feels good to be done with finals at least.
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