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Mar 30 2017, 05:44 PM
Get it? Because Rally wears a red shirt, and Siebold wears blue. Hahahaha eat your fucking heart out Dyson. While you're battling Viola, your rival's already after the Elite Four.

Rally had a team hand-picked to face each member of the Elite Four. Every single one of them was trained, taught new moves and strategies, and prepared to fight nearly anything Siebold could throw at them. He even had a secret weapon in store for him.

And today, Rally stood in front of the doors to Siebold's room. He bounced Dash's Poke Ball in his hand. It was a reminder to him that he was fighting not only for himself, but for all the Pokemon that brought him this far. He needed to win for them. (And also because he had no money to go home at this point.

Rally pushed open the doors and walked inside. He wasn't sure what to expect, but there was no time left to worry about that now.

"Hello?" he called out as he entered the room. "I'm here for a battle."
Mar 27 2017, 01:22 AM
"in your mind, could you ever be really close to me?"

It was a quiet song, he was singing under his breath. Practically a hum, it was so low. But he was definitely singing.

Who was he? Well I think it's pretty obvious that it's a certain character who is known for singing. Someone who has a lot of charisma, and a personality for TV. Someone who's been in Kalos for a whi- It's Rally. Again.

So what was he up to? Well, Rally was here. Here was the ruins of Geosenge. Why here? Because he was here with his Gengar, Gaspar. And they were here investigating.

Although Team Flare's scars had been healed over the past two years, their influence was felt in the area. The area where the famous Ultimate Weapon was quartered off for some sort of memorial to those lost in Team Flare's attacks. Most of the houses had been rebuilt, but some have been abandoned by their owners. And the former entrance to Team Flare's secret HQ was buried under a layer of debris, hopefully hidden from the world.

This brings us back to why Rally and Gaspar were here. Rally was sitting on a bench while Gaspar playfully floated behind him and squished his cheeks. They were taking a break from all their super cool off-screen adventures, but they would soon be getting to work.

Oh yeah, I never said what they're doing here. Which brings me to me telling you why they were there. Remember how Team Flare had access to Mega Evolution? Well, rumor had it that Mega Rings were found in the city after their fall. Evidence hastily abandoned after the rush, along with the possibilities of Mega Stones.

Rally normally wouldn't pay too much stock to rumors like this, but there was proof to this. You see, the week before a Key Stone was found buried in the dirt. It was all over the news. And although more hadn't been found since then it didn't stop many trainers from coming over to take a look.

Today, Rally was one of about thirteen or twenty trainers, all hunting the grounds of the city for proof. Rally hoped to be one of the lucky ones today.
Mar 18 2017, 02:31 AM
Things were coming up Rally.

Sure, he had just lost a 6v6 match to Olympia. But considering this was his Swinub's first Gym battle, it did pretty well. Baxter got a win, thanks to his great speed. And of course, his other Pokemon also did well.

Sometimes you need to appreciate the small victories, because you sure as hell don't have a big one.

But that was almost a week ago, and Rally had long since moved on. Which brings us to where Rally was now. Armed with supplies, a warm red coat, and the latest in Kyle Brovlovski fashion, this man was going to endure the harsh colds of Kalos Route 20.

It was all part of an intense training regimen: survive in the harsh weather and train your body to play through a lot of pain. Defeat the Pokemon that have grown strong in these conditions. Maybe see if he could find a Klefki, because he's been dying to catch one since he landed in Kalos.

And so far, the journey there had been pretty good. A wild Scyther wiped out most of his team that morning, but he was able to subdue and catch it. And now that his Pokemon were all healed, maybe he'd be able to test out its power against some wild Pokemon.

Right now, though, Rally was sitting on a stump. He was, to be honest, a little lost. Seemed as though he was just at the entrance a few minutes ago. But after taking a few steps, the entire forest seemed to be completely different from earlier. It was confusing, and he needed a break.

Light snow fell from the sky. It wasn't hail, but it would be way too cold for Dash to fly around comfortably. Rally decided he was gonna have to tough it out and stick to the training plan, though. Escape could come later, when they needed to cross that bridge.
Mar 4 2017, 09:13 PM
The beach outside Ambrette Town, Kalos

Rally wasn't very good with money. And considering he had no money to begin with, he was in a bit of a rough place right now. Juggling food, water and supplies for over 14 Pokemon and himself, it was kind of hard. He was only skating by with the money he made through battles. If he lost a battle, he'd probably have to do without a few things for a while.

Which brought us to today's plan. Going back to his roots, Rally had decided to do go back to a money-making scheme: fishing.

Waiting by the beach just underneath Ambrette Town, Rally had set up shop. He was offering fishing rod rentals for anyone who wanted to try their hand at fishing for local wildlife. This time, he was offering two kinds of Rods: an Old Rod he got from someone waaaaaay way back, and a recently-purchased Good Rod. Naturally, the Good Rod came with considerable markup.

So now he waited on the beach, hoping for someone to notice the sign his Noivern was holding up. Rally sat in the sand, petting his Bunnelby, while casting his Old Rod into the water.

You know, when he opened this rod rental service, he didn't expect to make much. Indeed, he only had a few people show up, and only one person fished up a Pokemon. And it was a fucking Luvdisc. That would be pretty hilarious, except the person who caught it up had no problem letting Rally keep it.
Feb 25 2017, 09:32 PM
Santalune City, Kalos

Rally had a black eye, bandages around his neck, and a broken right arm. These were injuries he carried on from his last adventure. But they weren't going to stop him from continuing his second second chance at life.

He entered the Santalune City Gym, a Bunnelby in hand. Hopefully this new Pokemon would help him achieve victory.
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