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Mar 4 2018, 12:07 AM
So she'd been utterly crushed by Brock's rock defense. So what? It wasn't like this had been her first gym battle and the defining moment of her start on the epic journey that would shape her future and the futures of everyone she met along the way.

It wasn't like she had gone in there, had her ass handed to her and then just forfeit before properly losing. Right?

Except no, that's exactly what had happened. It hadn't even been two days since America had lost her debut gym match against Brock, but it felt like the whole week had just swallowed her up and forced her into some kind of time loop. She had left Pewter City with her head hung low, too disgraced to even try to hoof it back to Pallet Town and home. She had simply found the nearest bus and stepped aboard, unsure of where she was headed and, frankly, not too concerned.

She would end up somewhere, and wherever that was, America would... would...

She didn't know. She simply buries her head in the backpack situated on her lap, supressing the urge to cry in front of strangers.

That lasts for all of about twelve seconds before she begins softly weeping into the canvas bag.
Jun 11 2017, 10:56 PM
This was it. No more stalling, no more excuses, no more chasing Pidgey through the tall grass in hopes that one would attack you and you'd have to spend time recuperating and not fighting the gym leader. America now stood at the brink of victory, all her planning and preparation finally culminating in her conquering of... of...

Pewter City Gym's front door. The chime rings out America's entrance, and it causes her to freeze up in place until the door shuts back behind her. Dressed in her usual attire, America's traded in her cream-colored sweater for something a little more dangerous looking: a worn Kanto military vest is strapped tight to her chest, three Pokeballs clipped to the front. Looking around, she tries her best to regain her cool composure, marching over towards the center of the gym before speaking loudly into the air.

"My name is America Weston, and I've come to challenge the leader of this gym! Show yourself for battle, please!"
Mar 12 2017, 12:39 AM
Preparing for the gym had been arduous, but nothing she couldn't manage.

Facing off against the trainers, wild Pokemon and various obstacles in her way to Pewter City had been tough, but she'd come out fine on the other side.

Going in to the gym though... that had been an entirely different kind of challenge. She knew what was inside, had studied the layout from outside, knew the typings and advantages she would need... but America couldn't bring herself to face Brock, the gym leader of Pewter City. She couldn't place the feeling that kept her from going inside, though...

That's a lie. It was anxiousness, nervousness, panic, terror, suspense, and about 10,000 other mixmatched emotions that she hid under her plastic demeanor. Though she was wracked with anxiety over her first gym battle, America Weston would let no-one see through her calm facade, and she aided her (un)stable mentality by taking a small break from staring at the gym's double doors to visit the Pewter City Museum of Science.

It was a nice break, if nothing else. The exhibits on fossils, ancient Pokemon, artificial reconstruction of long-dead creatures... not to mention the numerous displays showing off Kanto's remarkable strides forward in their space program, from the days of launching Mankey into space... it was all marvelous. Though, there was one section of the museum that America was more interested in: the war exhibit.

Standing in front of a thick display case, the girl stares down into the glass, eyes fixated on several small shards of metal inside another lead lined case. Large print reads FRAGMENTS OF ATOMIC WARHEAD - TESTED 19XX on the front. The bomb was only a small part of the exhibit, the rest scattered with other memoribilia and memorials, but this was the one that she was focused in on.


"...this is cool."
Feb 2 2017, 11:08 PM
This was it. From here on out, there was no option to turn back. No chance to backtrack. The decision that was made here would affect the fate of the world, no, the universe itself, and it had to be deliberated very, very carefully.

That's why America had been standing outside the Oak Pokemon Lab for an hour, just staring at the door. Of course it was, what other reason could there be? It's not like she was nervous or anything. She wasn't that kind of girl. She didn't get nervous. It was just the long deliberation process of what to pick.


Might as well get it over with. Taking in a bracing breath, America reaches her hand up, giving the lab door three solid knocks before bringing her arm back down to her side, standing firm and tall as she waits for a response.
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