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Welcome to the Cafe du Watchog, also called RPGen. We're a sandbox style Pokemon site with a focus on everyday life in the Pokemon world. Trainers, Pokemon, criminals, cosmic forces, and normal citizens are all welcome to join in the fun. Kick back and enjoy a cup of coffee with us!

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Oct 7 2016, 07:41 PM
So I'll be taking a brief hiatus from writing for a while. Not that I don't want to write, just extremely busy. Life catching up to me and all. It could be anywhere from a week and a half to three weeks. If y'all wanna vacate my dudes, go for it. I'll be perfectly fine with it. If you need to contact me, my e-mail(lame, right): is I can answer it or whatever. Or show up someone needs a post about Misty or Roxie or Flannery or whoever, I can try my hardest to get a post out but I'll be busy. Thx for understanding, if you all can.

Aug 9 2016, 03:08 AM
Team Rocket is back at it again. After stealing some particularly expensive and surprisingly not well guarded cloning equipment, Team Rocket has decided to re-enact an old plan from a LONG time ago. Fossils of ancient pokemon are buried in the ground. Not a shocking revelation. But Team Rocket sees rarity as $$$. Their plan is to dig deep into the Kanto/Johoto/Etc region(s). Why? Use fossils for the DNA, cloning machines to create pokemon, and then sell them off to the highest bidder/whatever they do.

In digging into the ground at strategic locations(near landmarks, towns, ancient indian burial grounds, etc.) They manage to do a great many negative things. Damaging buildings, important places, and the ecosystem to name a few. The resulting actions are covered up as archelogical digs, usually supported by false documentation or simple manipulation.

That's the basic idea. Then people stumble upon the dig sites, find out the shady stuff, then big battles. Yay.
Aug 8 2016, 11:01 PM
Name: Violet Elizabeth Griswald

Age: 17

Physical Appearance: A young and very beautiful woman, Violet has pale skin, pale blonde hair, and very striking blue eyes. It isn't hard to tell how simple and uneventful her life has been. The shape she is in speaks volumes for it. Hardly any tone or definition, she's only what you'd expect from a woman with her way of living. She is fairly tall and skinny woman. She is capable of peering over the heads of most females, but she is not an amazonian.

Violet likes dresses. Frilly, fancy, bright, things that match what she was told as beautiful. You will never find her in anything but the most expensive clothes. Never once will you find her in anything denim. Nor anything you would find the average tomboy in.

Species: Human

Personality: Violet a product of her youth. She is smart, but lazy. Determined, but dependant on outside forces to pursue desires. But a certain elegance radiates from her, it could be the way she walks. Or the way she talks. Simple gestures she makes.

But, really, that's just the way people sugar coat it for her. Some could see beyond the clothes and way she acts, the kind words she has people say for her. See the snobbish, spoiled girl underneath the fancy clothes and attitude. Nose in air, always expecting success with the least work put in, Violet isn't quite different from your stereotypical snobby rich girl.

Species: Human

History: Born the only child to a wealthy entrepreneur and his beautiful wife, Violet was always destined for greatness. At least in her own eyes, she was. All the money she could eber desire and anything she could ever wish for, Violet found herself living what she thought was the perfect life. Despite her father always being away, her mother had at least tried to spend time with her. Teaching her the lessons she needed in life, things that would be seen as loosely followed guidelines as she grew up.

The source of her income had always been her dad, her dad and one of his most successful ventures. Her father had made quite the living for himself and his family well before Violet had been conceived. Selling cheap pokemon food of varying forms, her father had built an pokefood empire slowly but surely. Using clever advertisement and smart spending, he made a profit very quickly. Becoming one of the most well known suppliers on the market. It usually consisted of the cheapest ingredients possible but in bigger quanitites than most. This created the life Violet found herself in, a lavish lifestyle.

She was homeschooled until she was a teen, cutting her off from most human contact besides the other children she met from her parents acquaintances. To call them 'friends' would be a stretch. But they were the people that helped shape what little social life she had. Her only real friend was bought. A Ralts she had her father buy her, a pokemon she had seen a so called 'friend' coddle in front of her eyes. It provided most of the companionship she had desired, and thus she decided it deserved her lifestyle. Any slight need of the pokemon was quickly fufilled, no matter how needless the request. She had gotten most of her information from the news, idle chatter, books, and whatever sources she could manage access to. Though once she learned of Pokemon training, curiosity struck her. The idea seemed so primitive but exciting. As she saw it, it was a battle of wits and ability between the most interesting creatures. A spectacle.

Reading of the legend who had taken the world by storm, it had peaked quite the interest in her. A young man who had travelled across her entire home region and quickly secured quite the legacy. People called him a hero. The life he lived, the adventures he took, they seemed so fantastical. Countless stories, retellings, and even a movie had only proved to reinforce a belief that quickly became a priority in her mind: That had to be her.

Violet had prepared as much as she could. Even as her parents and fake friends brushed aside the idea, she set out to prove them wrong. Teaching her Ralts whatever techniques she could buy, buying whatever expensive equipment was available. By using much weaker Pokemon, she had even gotten as far as evolving her Ralts into a much more beautiful Kirlia. A desired effect, and something she used to convince her family that she was ready to take the world by storm. Become the next legend that movies were made from. Become a trainer, become something more than what was expected of her. Become a hero...or just the closest that money would take her.


Ivy: Ivy is Violet's Kirlia, a Pokemon she had ordered bought for her at a young age. It is her only pokemon, and her most prized 'possession'. She treated it exactly as she was treated: giving it everything it wanted. It has developed a personality similar to hers: spoiled rotten.

Munchlax: A Munchlax she just caught.

Tepig: A malnurished Tepig she just caught.
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