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Aug 21 2017, 01:29 AM
Okay, so a couple of months ago, I got the urge to re-write My Immortal by Tara Gilebse in the Pokemon world with Cyrus instead of Enoby. I got about halfway through the fic before it turned into something completely different and I had to separate that out as a new fic.

I thought my re-write turned out pretty funny, and I wanted to share it with somebody, though it's not exactly an original work since it's basically My Immortal with all the words replaced and the plot changed a bit, so I can't post it formally.

So, I thought if anybody would get a chuckle out of it, it would be you guys. I'll make each chapter a post, and there are... twenty chapters, I believe? It goes about halfway into My Immortal.

First, a warning: Tis story iz exromely baldy writtin (evan tho I didnt' do tihs teh wohle tiem), so be pripard for intenshinal terrble. (If you're having trouble reading that shit, I'll write it properly: "This story is extremely badly written (even though I didn't write with everything misspelled), so be prepared for intentional terrible.")

If you haven't read My Immortal, this probably isn't as funny. Also, nobody has sex in this version, but instead they battle Pokemon.

Without further ado:

Chapter 1

Hello my name is Cyrus Akagi and I have spiky blue hair that sticks out and icy blue eyes that are always judging you and a lot of people tell me I look like Rick Sanchez, but that is wrong cuz I'm waaaaay hotter.

I'm not related to Miley Cyrus and I'm glad I'm not but ppl ask me anyway. I look like a zombie but I'm actually not rly undead and I don't eat living flesh. I have pale white skin.

I'm also the boss of a giant energy company called Team Galactic that I created myself (I'm twenty-seven). I've given up having emotions (in case you couldn't tell) and I wear mostly grey and black. I appreciate retro space themes and I get most of my clothing ideas form there.

For example, today I was wearing a gray and black shirt and striped black pants, a grey and black coat, and grey shoes. I wasn't wearing eye makeup but it looked like I was with the dark circles around my eyes.

I was walking around Veilstone. It was snowing and raining so there wasn't any sun, which I was fine with, because I am the only sun that Team Galactic needs.

A lot of Veilstone citizens stared at me. I ignored them.

"Hey, Cyrus!" I heard a voice call. It was... my enemy, Cynthia!

"what do you want, Cynthia?" I asked.

"I want to fight you, Cyrus," Cynthia answered. But then I got a call from HQ and I walked away.

Jul 30 2017, 06:12 PM
So yesterday I was messing around with mods in the Sims 4, especially DramaticGamer's sim murder mod, which lets you have sims murder each other. They even made new animations for the killing, which is pretty damn impressive.

Then I put a bunch of sims in one location with the "autonomous murder" setting on. It was fun, but all the sims did was murder each other, and I thought it would be more interesting if they did other things, too.

Then I got the idea to construct a Hunger Games-type situation with a bunch of sims, all in my control. Then I would make a list of events that could be acted out in the Sims, and assign them all number ranges. That way I could generate numbers on Randomorg to decide events and which sims are involved.

However, there was a problem. As it turns out, only 8 sims are controllable at once, and I wanted a larger cast. Thankfully it turns out that TwistedMexi's Full Hose mod can allow for up to 24 sims to be controlled at once, which was the exact number I wanted!

After that, I made my event sheet, downloaded the mod, and used cheats to make a house with 24 Pokemon character sims! 18 were human canons (mostly villains), 4 were humanized Sinnoh legendaries, based on their RPGen characterization, and 2 were OCs from RPGen (my character Megan and Gordan's character Nexus).

I was worried about whether my computer could handle all those sims, especially since I already have glitches from a so-called "incompatible" graphics card, but thankfully it didn't decide to crash even once by some miracle.

The following Sims/Pokemon characters were in the running:

Rockets: Giovanni, Ariana, Archer, Petrel
Cipher: Eldes, Ardos, Nexus, and Megan
(humanized) Sinnoh Legendaries: Palkia, Dialga, Giratina, and Arceus
Team Galactic: Cyrus, Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter
Sinnoh Champion Cynthia
Plasma: N, Colress, and Ghetsis
Flare: Lysandre
Skull: Guzma
Aether: Lusamine

Now, here's what actually happened in the game, I'll put 5 events per post:

The game starts off with Lysandre taking a nap. How uninteresting.

Guess I spoke too soon about this being uninteresting, as next, Colress decides to try to strangle Jupiter! Jupiter survives, though.

Then Proton decides to stab Mars! In-character enough for Proton, but poor Mars! Galactic's off to a bad start.

This next event happened off-screen so I couldn't snap a picture, but the next thing I know, Archer has killed Colress! I hadn't even rolled it as an event, but apparently even with autonomous murder switched off, sims can kill other sims for revenge if enough sims are witness to the event. After this, I had all the kills be in more secluded areas to prevent this from happening again. It also created a glitch where my sims got stuck in a clapping animation, causing me to have to reset them all.

Next, Lusamine decided to beat up Petrel, who just couldn't win the fight.

I'll include another event since event 4 didn't have a picture. Here we have Nexus harvesting fruit, which turns out to be safe to eat. Nexus must know his plants.
Jul 10 2017, 07:26 PM
I've posted this fic elsewhere, but I thought I'd post it here, too. Four years after the end of the main story mode in Platinum (three and a half years after Mt. Stark and the postgame) a 23-year-old Mars goes looking for Cyrus and learns how tough life really is.

It just may contain some references to RPGen canon, so enjoy!

EDIT: I'm lazy as shit, so I'll just post the AO3 link, which I keep updated: link
Apr 20 2017, 09:12 PM
Since I wasn't sure what art to work on last week, I decided to just doodle some small, quick, shitty stylized character head-shots, and found it pretty fun to do. They're not great, and I'm still experimenting with the colors and style, but it's a fun thing to do when I don't feel like doing anything complex (which is usually).

If anybody's interested in me drawing one for them, I'd be happy to give it a try. I figure I owe RPGen art for you guys being awesome. (I need the practice anyway)

I did some of my characters here already:


Cyrus (tried experimenting with the angle)



I'm also working on shading a much more complex picture of Cyrus, just have to do the hair now (which is a pain).

Edit: I just realized that I didn't include any of my Pokemon examples, but I can certainly draw 'mons/animals for you, too!
Jan 15 2017, 11:44 PM
Well, there it was. Cyrus was stuck in the hospital again. After that show at the party, Cyrus had been pressured to finally agree to getting checked out at the local hospital. To make matters worse, the doctors had told him that he couldn't leave until they conducted a whole host of testing.

The waiting part wasn't the part Cyrus hated-- he was a patient man. What the man did not like so much was once again being put in a hospital gown and then having metal or rubber instruments pressed against him (or worse, inserted). Not to mention all the medication he had to have injected or had to ingest.

At least Cyrus did have some time more or less to himself at the moment, even if he was currently hooked up to about six machines. Usually he found looking at machines and figuring how they might work interesting, but this just wasn't the case right now.

Oh, and he was also currently a bit high on pain meds, and had a suspicion that those were messing with his head.
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