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Aug 20 2017, 07:03 AM
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<div class="reyzadren">
It was another day for Reyzadren to do one of the tasks set by his employer ever since he had arrived on Alola. In fact, he would've gotten here sooner had it not been for the previous boat ride that mistakenly brought him to Akala island. It would seem like such mix-up would only cost little time to trainers as they enjoy sight-seeing on the extra compensated free travel across the ocean, but Akala and Poni were not 2 islands that seemed even close to him. Upon reaching Seafolk village, he was in no mood for strolling, and he begrudgingly marched through the wilds furiously.<br><br>

That was a few days ago. At the Poni meadow, Reyzadren went on his way towards the waterfall. He waded out of the tall grass, then started to climb a mountain on its rocky path.
May 15 2017, 04:27 AM
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div.reyzadren {
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<div class="reyzadren">

<table cellpadding=14px><tr><td width=252>
<img src= width=210>

<td width=277>Name: Reyzadren<br>
Age: 30+<br>
Gender: Male<br>
Species: Human<br><br>

<p><b>Pokemon:</b> Drapion, claydol, klefki, breloom, lanturn, chandelure<br>
<b>Alliance:</b> Kalos</p><br><br><br><br>

<span style="font-family: Andika; font-size: 14px; text-align: center;">"Really? Is that the best photo of me? That doesn't look like me at all. Give that P3000 back."</span>

<p><u>Appearance:</u> Reyzadren has black hair that is combed to the side, black eyes, a goatee accompanied with some facial hair and a scruffy look. Although he has fair skin, it is slightly darker in tone. His height is 1.66m, and his weight is 71kg, so his body size is just below average. He wears a grey hoodie, red trousers and black shoes as his pokemon trainer clothing. He carries a green backpack for his pokedex and pokenav, while his repeat balls are sheathed on his leather belt.</p>

<p><u>Personality:</u> Laid-back and hardy are the 2 words to describe Reyzadren. He is usually quiet but he talks loudly, especially when he gets excited. Though he is quite stubborn and individualistic, he can be easily influenced by friends. With his straightforward and direct "Let's get it done" attitude, others think of him as rude. While seemingly careless and lacking attention, he is definitely a decisive person who has clear preferences.</p><br>


<p>Reyzadren is a hardy worker who lives in Laverre, taking tasks ranging from mining, minerals, metalworking and machine maintenance. He travelled to other regions and battled the gyms before, but now he prefers to focus on his career, while having some pokemon as his tools. Harsh and rough, trained in the rugged mines, his team is ready for a variety of challenges and is determined to be better than your average trainer. He only gives nicknames to 6 of his pokemon, and regularly rotates those names as he updates his active lineup.</p>

<p>Recently, he is hired by Aesheirs Industries, which is a device manufacturer as disguise, underlain by a secret community. Though their motives are unknown, the Aesheirs executives are aware of certain locations and properties of mystic artifacts and forbidden relics. Not much else is known about the Aesheirs as it is not a large organisation, while regularly shifting and being non-stationary, with some establishments scattered across continents. Reyzadren sometimes enters Cafe du Watchog in Unova due to certain business requests, with all expenses paid, of course.</p>

<p><br><img src=></p><br>

<u>Active pokemon team:</u>

<p>* <img src=> Drapion; Crunch, TM Poison jab, TM Earthquake, TM Brickbreak<br>
* <img src=> Claydol; TM Earthquake, TM Psychic, TM Icebeam, TM Shadowball<br>
* <img src=> Klefki; TM Dazzling gleam, TM Flash cannon, TM Psychic, TM Facade<br>
* <img src=> Breloom; Seed bomb, TM Brick break, TM Facade, TM Low sweep<br>
* <img src=> Lanturn; TM Thunderbolt, TM Surf, TM Dazzling gleam, TM Icebeam<br>
* <img src=> Chandelure; TM Flamethrower, TM Shadowball, TM Psychic, Nightshade</p>

<br><span style="font-size: 14px">Note: The moves shown above are his favourite moves for each pokemon. Additionally, it is assumed that his pokemon know all level-up moves.</span>


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