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 I'm The Trashman, THAT'S MY THING
Team Ventus Vickie
 Posted: Jul 29 2017, 09:54 PM

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Once the key was revealed, Vickie was psyched, ready to sing the praises of both themself and Marlon, but once the whole water level dealio was also revealed, that triumphant feeling quickly was, well, drowned.

They threw up their hands, scoffing. "Look what you did! Now we are going to drown. Was this your plan, ocean man?" Maybe this guy could, like, breathe underwater or something. After letting out a sigh, Vickie shook their head. "NO MATTER! I, as always, will use my brilliance and sheer ingenuity to surely pull ourselves out of another unfortunate happenstance."


"Fishman, take the key and open the door...uh...right there." Vickie pointed to the northernmost door.
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